What is Sencillo Soft?
SencilloSoft® as it name implies is a simple yet robust Customer Management Solution designed from the ground up. It has a proven record of over 8 years in the real world managing real customers with real services.
This one package will manage your customer information, appointments, work orders, crew assignments, tasks & duties, re-schedules of appointments, invoicing, crew payroll, customer payments and much much more.

SencilloSoft® is design for small business owners in the maid services, or as painters, renovators, windows cleaners, snow removers, lawn care, pet grooming and any other small business that manage multiple customers, tasks, employees and just do not have time to keep up with all the paper work, payroll, invoicing.
SencilloSoft® does not require servers or large investments, its available 24/7 online anywhere.
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